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10 Day Running Challenge

Join us for the 10 day fitness streak as we shelter at home and adjust to social distancing. This event is free to participate in, you don't even need to register if you dont want to. 

Donate what you can ($20 min to get gear): We will put the proceeds into the hands of local charities helping to fight the virus impact. Our gift for contributing:

1. Nine Line World War C 10 day running challenge shirt.
2. Locally made door handle protection device on a lanyard so you don't need to touch so many doors.
3. Upgrade pin when you pickup at a local running store.
       A. Covid - 19 pin if you complete the challenge.
       B. Or 50 mile club for doing at least 50 miles over 10 days.


How will we help you succeed with the refrigerator overstock from your hording?

1. We will have 8 days of runner strength training workouts posted to our facebook page daily. Spend Sunday time in prayer or meditation or on the phone with a friend you can't see! 

2. Track your running on our website -add you results below

3. You will be held to account when you pickup your gear from one of our three locally running stores: Fleet Feet Savannah, Howe 2 Run, Georgia Game Changers Richmond Hill. 


If you are not from around here (savannah ga) and you want to join us - we can ship the gear (note we won't have it for at least 10 days but once we do - we will get it to you - you just need to donate at the $30 level or above so we can pay to ship it to you)

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