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ERIC ADAMSKI - 21, 22 Champion

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY.


My running career began in 7th grade. There was a local sprint triathlon on a lake near my home. That year I joined the school swimming team and track team to prepare for the race. This blossomed into high school and eventually to East Carolina University.

My favorite local race is the Love Chocolate 10K. It’s a fast certified course with a delicious after party.

My motivation to continue to run throughout the year lies with my running family and training partners. Primarily, my wife and children are very supportive and accommodating of my training and racing needs. The organization and support from Team Briggs helped me to get the races lined up and on my schedule. Working out and traveling with Michael Littlefield, Holly McGee, Brendan Vasher and Bill Briggs have been adventures in themselves. My spicy Tuesday morning Breakfast Club runs with Joel and Mike help keep me in top shape. My cross training sessions with F3 Coastal Empire help me take fitness and faith to the next level. Ron and Zach at Georgia Game Changers make sure I have the right gear to put in the miles. Marty Healy at Coastal Therapy has helped keep me and my family heathy.


Additionally, Dan Pavlin at ERS has kept Savannah racing during Covid by finding creative ways to keep races on my schedule. I found it increasingly difficult to maintain a high level of training with race after race being canceled. Finally, seeing my run family at all the races and events keeps me coming back for more! 

As for PR’s, I like to list them by the decade and next year I’ll be starting with a clean slate!

1 mile- 4:52 (Jacan Brown 5k 2021)

5K- 17:48 (Leftovers 5k 2021) 

5K virtual 17:34 (Love God Others Self 2021)

10K - 37:41 (Love Chocolate 2021)

13.1-1:24.22(HHI 1/2 marathon 2021)

26.2- 3:06 (Marine Corps 1999)

Bonus - On November 18, 2020 his son Corey Adamski successfully bested the Guinness World Record for 400m Backward Joggling with an official time of 1:40.19

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