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Every Race is eligible, just submit your results to us and your in. Score points for racing, winning, sharing and volunteering. The season will Run 12/1/2021 to 12/1/2022.


ERS Race Series Point System



Participation Points

5k                                   =         5 points

10k                                 =         10 points

13.1                                =         20 points

26.2 or more                   =         40 points

Obstacle Run                  =         25 points


Bonus Speed Points

First Place                        =         25 points

Second Place                  =         15 points

Third Place                      =          5 points

Overall Bonus                  =          10 points


Community Points

Volunteer at a Race         =        10 points

Earn 100 social points on = 10 points


Entrance into ERS Championship

Champions DivisionScore 100 Points=Entrance into the Championship Event


ERS Races: Run an ERS timed race and we will automatically include your results after your first submission but you can speed us up and score more points by submitting the results yourself with a photo or race story. 


Brendan Vasher

2020 Champion

1100 Points

Jekyll Island Marathon Road Support.jpg
Michael Littlefield

2019 Champion

1470 points

Brendan Vasher

2018 Champion

1345 Points

Sarah Maltby

2017 Champion

1045 Points

Pam Howe

2016 Champion

960 Points

JC Lewis Ford
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